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Battiston Traslochi is a specialized company in the field, boasting 40 years of experience and aiming to provide a comprehensive and professional service to all entities with needs in the moving and logistics industry.


The care of your belongings always takes precedence in our work. Furthermore, for any eventuality, all moves are covered by insurance to provide you with the utmost security.


Every phase of the work is carried out with the utmost attention to detail, gained through years of proven experience.


Don't have time? Want to move without effort and stress? We take care of everything, including careful packaging of your belongings.


Our beating heart is located in Veneto, and over the years, we have solidified our presence throughout Northern Italy. We handle all requests on a national and international level.

European leader in the moving industry.

We offer a complete package of personalized services, seeking the best offer for you. Every move is unique; rely on the experience of our staff to find the most convenient and effective solution for your needs. We are available for telephone consultations and free inspections.

Battiston Group

Battiston Group Services

Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee you an "all-inclusive" move, meaning "turnkey": no worries or concerns, we take care of everything at Battiston Traslochi.

House and Apartments

We take care of every aspect of the move, ensuring the utmost care for your precious belongings.

Corporate Removals

Battiston Traslochi offers a comprehensive and reliable service for both national and international relocations.

Logistics and Storage

"Battiston Storage" is a storage and custody service offered by Battiston Traslochi.

Logistics and Cargo

Battiston Traslochi is a logistics and cargo company, our goal is to provide competitive prices and high-quality service.

Ladder truck rental

Battiston Traslochi: The ideal solution for renting stairs and elevators!

Other Services

National and international shipments National and international relocations Corporate and industrial relocations Storage...3

Car rental ladder for removals.

Renting a moving truck with a lift is a convenient and practical solution to facilitate the process of moving bulky furniture and objects from one place to another.

Battiston Traslochi boasts a customer satisfaction rate that is very close to 100%.

2,300 +
2.300+ Traslochi all'anno


How we work

Battiston Traslochi is a company organized both at a national and international level. Thanks to its extensive network of collaborators, it ensures accurate and professional service at the right price.

Trust in our experience for services such as transportation, complete removals, staircase services, porterage, clearance and disposal, storage of goods and personal effects, as well as logistics.


Request for quotation

Please enter your request on the website, providing a detailed description of what you need.



Our team will prepare a personalized offer tailored to your needs.



Our operators will take care of your belongings with professionalism and precision.


Corporate removals

The business relocations by Battiston Traslochi follow a well-defined process divided into five main phases to ensure a seamless transition. Here are the five typical phases of business relocations by Battiston Traslochi:

Removals for individuals

"The residential relocations by Battiston Traslochi follow a well-defined process, divided into seven main stages to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition for clients. Here are the seven typical stages of residential relocations by Battiston Traslochi:"



Removals carried out


satisfied customers


Years of experience


What our customers say

Gentilissimi abbiamo acquistato delle lucine natalizie e di due una c’è l’ha regalata e in più in omaggio un porta documenti della Volkswagen 👍🏻 grazie qua si trova sempre qualcosa
Gaia Camerin
Gaia Camerin
Bel posto, grande e con personale cortese, vengo spesso a fare acquisti e tornerò sicuramente !
Zoe Camerin
Zoe Camerin
organizzato bene e tenuto tutto in ottime condizioni
Davide Casagrande
Davide Casagrande
Negozio molto interessante, ottima opportunitá per perdersi nei meandri di scaffali tra oggetti di questi e altri tempi..
Jonathan Timossi
Jonathan Timossi
Pero Popovic
Pero Popovic
Molto assortimento di prodotti ed un'area molto grande! Consigliato!
Demis Lodi
Demis Lodi

“The rental of self-storage units for businesses and professionals is a service offered by Battiston Traslochi, designed to meet the storage and archiving needs of goods.”


"Effective management of corporate storage is crucial to ensure that products are available when needed, reduce operational costs, and enhance overall business efficiency."


Temporary Warehouses for Goods Storage

“Deepen Your Skills in Goods Storage Management with Battiston Self Storage, a Practical, Customized, and Cost-Effective Option for Businesses and Online Stores!”

Planning and Organization

- Needs Identification: Determine which types of goods or products need to be stored, taking into account their dimensions, quantity, and fragility. - Demand Analysis: Understand the levels of seasonal or periodic demand to plan the necessary storage space. - Location Selection: Choose a strategic location for the warehouse that facilitates distribution and access.

Storage Management

- Physical Organization: Divide the storage space into specific areas for different product categories. - Labeling and Identification: Use clear and coded labeling systems to easily identify and track items. - Technology and Automation: The use of computer systems and advanced technologies, such as barcode scanning or RFID, can simplify inventory management and control.

Monitoring and Optimization

- Stock Control: Regularly check the inventory to avoid overlaps or shortages. - Space Optimization: Periodically reconsider the arrangement of storage to maximize the use of available space. - Data Analysis: Use historical data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify trends and make informed decisions. - Waste Reduction: Implement strategies to minimize waste due to expiry dates or product obsolescence.

Renting self storage units for businesses and professionals.

Whether you're a growing company in need of extra space for goods, a professional looking to store important documents, or a business undergoing renovation, our self storage units can provide you with the storage solution you need. Contact us today for more information and to discover how we can help you manage your business storage efficiently and conveniently.

Battiston Group

Why choose us.


Battiston Traslochi is able to offer the best solutions to meet all needs, evaluating and studying each specific situation to ensure accurate service at the right price.


We understand that facing a move can be a source of great stress and concern. That’s why our staff is at your disposal to provide all the necessary information and guide you through every step of the process, starting from the preparation of the quote.


You can reach out to us via phone, WhatsApp, or send a request via email. We would be happy to accommodate your needs and explain all our services related to the move, so we can together choose the most suitable solution.


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